We present an Epicurean tour of China.

 Chinatown-Mopac is located corner of Mopac Expressway and Greystone Drive,
between Farwest Blvd. and Anderson Lane.

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Welcome to Chinatown. Chinatown proudly brings you the most unique gourmet experience in Austin, Texas. We present an Epicurean tour of China – from Peking and the traditional cuisine of the Mandarins, to the inland provinces and spicy foods of Hunan and Szechuan, to the coastal cities with their more “family foods” of Canton and Shanghai.

At Chinatown we specialize in Hunan cuisine. In addition, we offer a wide selection of dishes representing all four regional cooking styles.

Hunan and Szechuan
Central and western regions where hot peppers and peppercorns are used as seasoning to make dishes more spicy and savory.
Bejing (Mandarin)
Northern capital region where the finest chefs throughout China were recruited to prepare the imperial banquets. Mandarin dishes are known for their especially delicate flavor.

Canton (Cantonese)
Southern region style -noted for its cooking over a light fire, making the food both tender and tasty. This was the style first introduced to America by early Chinese immigrants.

Eastern coastal city cuisine featuring dishes of exquisite delicacy. The Shanghai style is characterized its slightly sweet flavor and attractive coloring.

Now Serving Dim Sum on Weekends